In Other Noose…

Compilations and Complications


When I started writing here, it was an act of desperation. I was 21 and pretty much a confused teenager with adult responsibilities. Reading back through all of these stories – some of which are quite poignant, but most of which are petulant and self-indulgent – I realize how much I have learned just by being alive for longer than I had been then.

Is it enough? No, it never is.

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Merry Halloween

I shovel the sidewalk in front of my apartment for two reasons. One, the city sucks at clearing sidewalks, and even if they do drive by in a truck with a plow, plows don’t do anything for frozen slushy footprint remains, and then it turns into an icy forever. Two, it confuses people.

It confuses people so much that one person gave me a dollar and another bought me a hot chocolate. I’m confused and happy right now.

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Puttin’ on the Miles

Bike at Coombs BridgeRoad Trip!

My bike is a real bike now. It went on a long trip to Winchester, the trip I promised I would make the last week of my student teaching, but didn’t. It took as long as I thought it would, and I discovered a nice new road that is smooth, flat, and quiet through a protected forest.

I also got to visit a couple of covered bridges, didn’t break anything, didn’t hurt myself, didn’t overheat, didn’t get dehydrated and enjoyed a lovely 3.5 hour ride through southern New Hampshire.

Then I slept for 3 hours.

It was a good day.

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Local Wilderness

Rhododendron State ParkToday was a lovely, sunny Wednesday in July, not as hot as it has been, so I decided it would be a good day to take a walk in the woods. I wasn’t feeling up to Mount Monadnock (I’ve been ill) but I had heard that there were some other local walks that were quite lovely. And so it proved to be.

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Dam fine day

Folding Bike at Surry DamOnce upon a time, there was a little bike that could. It could go around and around and around and was way more efficient and practical that anything else in the whole town, folding up and fitting in places where no other bike would fit. Plus, the person riding it could get in shape, and didn’t waste any money on gas.

This is that story.

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Blank Slate

Everything starts from a blank slate. An empty page. As Georges Seurat was fond of saying in Sunday in the Park with George: “White: a blank page or canvas; his favorite. So many possibilities.” So many, and sometimes overwhelming. With the possibility to create anything, where does one start?

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Bookend Weekend

This weekend was perhaps the most restful, relaxing weekend I’ve had in several months: the catch is I didn’t get much rest at all. My car, too, did not rest as much as it could have, nor did my wallet. But it was a very good weekend full of very good experiences, which I hope to duplicate (somewhat) this coming weekend.

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Press On

WordPress is lovely. It allows me to put my thoughts and events down, and doesn’t complain when I don’t visit for months and months and months at a time. It sits and waits patiently for my return, which, like many other things, is inevitable.

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The (food) War Between the States

It was a road trip sort of weekend. Only, instead of being in a car with a bunch of people, it was just me. Plus, it was less of a trip and more of a commute. And instead of having a relaxing vacation when I got to where I was going, it was more like a job that I didn’t get paid for.

So it was sort of a road trip weekend.

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I believe there is an art to dealing with people. Not getting along with them, not cooperating with them, but dealing with them, like one would deal with a swarm of obnoxious mosquitoes. This is certainly the case in the working world, but the more I come to live in the working world, I realize that this is where a person spends most of their time, has most of their personal interactions, and quite literally, lives. So just as I have learned previously, the people you work with make the job.

They are not the only people that you have interactions with. Occasionally, friends will be made in one place and taken to another, regardless of jobs or location. Few high school friends survive that process, but some do. Typically college friends survive, because as individuals college students are more grown up, and can handle relationships better. Please note, however, that this isn’t really the case.

Finally, there are the people you work with. The larger the company you work for, the less likely you are to make close friends. A workplace becomes more like a city, and one must shut people off to survive and make sense of the world.

At least, that’s how I operate.

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